Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our country

97% of Canada is employed by Small and Medium Businesses. Unfortunately 50% of those Businesses fail in their first 5 years. Our goal is the move this statistic.

Entrepreneurs are great at what they know and need help when they don't know

What decision are you postponing becuse you don't have enough information? If you did know, what would be possible? We help entrepreneurs make quicker and better decisions.

It's Lonely at the top

Who do you talk with about business or personal challenges? Who has unconditional or unbiased support? Who really understands and can relate to your questions? We are your resource, your advocate and a catalyst!

We Help Entrepreneurs Achieve and Sail Beyond Their Dreams

97% of North Americans are employed by Small and Medium Sized Businesses and unfortunately more than half of small businesses fail in their first 5 years of operation.  We are committed to changing that stat.

The Achilles heel of small business is the Owners Skills or MindSet.  The most common pitfalls of Entrepreneurs are:

    • Working too much IN the business and not enough ON the business
    • Inexperience
    • Passion isn’t always enough – you have to be able to sell
    • Tolerating mediocrity because of limited time or resources
    • It’s lonely – no one to talk with that truly understands
    • Affording and hiring the RIGHT employees
    • Making quick and uniformed decisions or delaying critical ones
    • No one holds you accountable
    • Relying on technology or your website to bring business

We are and work with Entrepreneurs and know what it takes.  Our approach is top down – work with the leader to help understand what they don’t know and leverage their strengths to build.  Whether you are a startup or longstanding enterprise, we have solutions and supports for you.  Following are ways we help:

    • Entrepreneur Accelerator Program
    • Executive and Team Coaching
    • Executive and Team Mentoring
    • Peer Advisory and Mentorship
    • Business Consulting

Contact us to take the first step in unleashing potential.

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